Khazimula began as a lean-to shelter for orphaned boys. Our founder, Joanne Baker, and others built it themselves. You can see the photo of the boys in their new orange shirts on our website. Over twenty years later, Khazimula provides a loving, licensed, group home for up to 30 abandoned, neglected, or abused girls and boys at a time. Your support provides quality nutrition, vital emotional support services, staff training, and transportation to and from school and medical appointments.
Homes for Kids in South Africa (HOKISA) opened its doors more than two decades ago and found an HIV-infected infant wrapped up on their step. This child was the first child taken into HOKISA and our founder, Joanne Baker, was there within months to help. The children of HOKISA grow up in the home and are provided support into their young adulthood. Your funds provide special education assistance, transportation to and from school, and items needed to maintain a warm home environment.
Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS (GAPA) organizes, supports, and sustains grandparent-headed households with children whose parents’ lives have been taken by AIDS. This community-based program offers afterschool support to the families, including a sustaining meal. Your funds have established a thriving and sustainable organic gardening program and have provided supplemental food purchases in emergencies, such as COVID.
St. Joseph’s Preschool
St. Joseph’s Preschool provides education for preschoolers who live in poverty. They are taught English and are prepared with all the skill necessary to successfully enter kindergarten. This access to early education has been shown to be vital to academic progress.. These three and four-year-olds must often take public transportation on their own. The meal they get in school may be the most nourishing one of the day. Their grandparents or parents may have HIV. Your supports funds services for the most impacted children by paying for their tuition, transportation costs, and educational supplies, and by providing a support group for their parents and grandparents.
Never Neverland
Never Neverland Full Service School has grown from a preschool to a full-service school and community center. Never Neverland provides education for children through the fifth grade and includes HIV counseling for families, sustainable gardening projects to alleviate food insecurity, and a growing list of projects that continually address the needs of the children and families at their school and the surrounding community. TIAS ARMS is the largest funder of Never Neverland. Your support pays for everything that Never Neverland does and will continue to do.
Waves for Change


Our Waves for Change culture is inspired by Ubuntu. Protect, respect, and communicate.”


From the video “Through Annelissa’s Eyes”
Waves for Change is an innovative outreach program for poverty-stricken youth. It offers life-enhancing sports participation coupled with counseling and stress management techniques. The young adolescents report less anxiety, an increased focus in school, and improved behavior which is observed by their teachers and parents. Your support ensures that girls have an equal and safe opportunity to join in.
Howick Hospice
The Howick Hospice program sends a nurse and a childcare worker into villages to monitor children who are on life-saving antiretroviral medications for HIV. This program literally saves lives. Your support funds the salaries of dedicated childcare workers. They provide much needed support and form bonds with families as they monitor the health and progress of children who are affected by HIV. Additionally, funding from TIAS ARMS supports a food parcel program which provides a unique, high-calorie diet that addresses the special nutritional needs and weight maintenance concerns of children living with HIV.