A Gift To Those In Need

Thanks to you, the children you generously support in South Africa have futures. Continue to empower them, educate them, and ensure their on-going health with a tax-deductible purchase in our gift catalog. TIAS ARMS will send you a lovely card acknowledging your donation that you may then send to your honoree for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other present giving occasion. Or, give this to yourself!


A head-start in pre-school educates our youngest children with vital skills for elementary school, ensures that they get a good meal at breakfast and lunch, and provides them a safe environment.


Transportation can cost as much as enrollment fees because children must travel long distances to school, often using private “mini buses.”


Children must have uniforms and shoes to attend school. What growing child doesn’t need a new pair of shoes at least twice a year? This might be the first pair of shoes this child ever owns.


Our children in residential placement experience enormous tragedy and loss. Help them be more resilient by ensuring quality therapy for those who need it!

Hospice Care

Children on anti-retovirals for HIV require High Caloric Food to enable children to maintain healthy body weight.

Use My Gift As Needed

As Needed

A Customized Stepping Stone

$400.00 TIAS ARMS and your name or name of your choice engraved on this heart-shaped stone,to be placed at one of our grantees’ sites. Handcrafted in South Africa.

Tias Arms Limited Edition Commemorative Anniversary Mug

$25.00 each (shipping included)