monique“Through my travels, often times in 3rd world countries, I’ve encountered many terribly impoverished people. Many travelers become immune to what they see. However, these memories have always remained with me. I came to this country as a child. My siblings and I had to overcome many obstacles, namely language and culture, but we at least had a chance to make something of our lives because we lived in a developed society. Many children in third world countries don’t have this chance. Poverty compounded with a killer disease makes their plight even worse. My heart has ached over what I’ve seen. My husband and I have always wanted to do something to help these children. By meeting Joanne and getting involved in TIAS ARMS, I hope that I may be given a chance to help these unfortunates in South Africa. I’ve been a teacher, as well as a banker. Hopefully, my experience with children and business development can be used by TIAS ARMS.”

Monique McCue – Board Member (Emeritus)