Hi, Anita and Joanne,

Just a note to keep you in the loop. All going so well at St. Joseph’s Preschool and at Khazimula. The computers at the preschool are wonderful. As I told you before, the children could move cheese, mushrooms, broccoli, etc. from the sides of the page onto the pizza crust by using the mouse after ONE lesson! I think they are born with computer genes and lots of practice on their
Mum’s cell phones.

Pam is also very happy with funds to buy books to read 4 times per week to the children. It is such a success. Sometimes the children even call me “Auntie Pam.” No one reads to them at home and it makes both groups of children (Grade R and the little ones) feel successful. The playground has never been better. Everything is shaped up and we are having our annual
Sports Day on 19 May. The staff will cook curry and rice and serve cake and tea to all the children and parents.

As you probably know, times are tough here; fewer children are able to pay; but we are still able to make things work. The kids are fed well; transport for a few is made available; and some children are taking food home when we have enough. Sadly, one of our little girls was attacked recently; but we were able to get assistance from a social worker for the Mum and child. They are getting on-going counsel from a new centre in Howick.

We couldn’t be more grateful to you. I am not exaggerating when I say that our preschool would have closed ten or more years ago without you and your donors.


Sister Peg O’Shea

Letter from St. Joseph’s Preschool

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