You can help twice as many children this GivingTuesday.
Gifts are being matched RIGHT NOW.


Our efforts to support orphaned or abandoned children affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa is needed more than ever!
So little goes so far. With 93¢ for every dollar going directly to the children, you can feel confident that every dollar you give is going directly to those who need it.


Won’t you join millions of people around the world who are creating some balance with their spending by giving?


Here is an opportunity to support our mission and improve a child’s life in the midst of your holiday shopping.


The first $2,000 we receive will be matched $1 for $1
That means…


A $25.00 donation for one pairs of shoes buys two pairs of shoes!


Your $75.00 donation normally feeds 20 children for 5 months. Matched, that’s food for 40 children for 5 months. WOW!


So please help us on Giving Tuesday. You are our hero! Thanks to your support we can continue to support our mission and improve a child’s life, one day at a time. It is always the right time to come together and support the greater good. We appreciate our amazing community.



Customized Stepping Stones

Your stone will be engraved with a name of your choosing and it will start its journey and lovingly be placed in the garden of one of our partners in South Africa. The stone represents a lasting symbol of your love and support for the children of South Africa.


Commemorative Wine Glasses

Enjoy and share your favorite beverage in TIAS ARMS Limited Edition wine glasses. You will receive a pair of our lovely petite 5 ounce wine glasses celebrating and supporting 20 years of helping the children of South Africa.


Commemorative Mug

Enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon tea in a TIAS ARMS Limited Edition mug. As you relax with your favorite beverage you become a part of TIAS ARMS and 20 years of helping and supporting the children of South Africa.