Today all over South Africa there are grandmothers holding together families affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty. Often these women are the sole bread winners in a household. They may also be nursing the dying and bringing up orphaned grandchildren on their own. Research shows that these grandmothers suffer from a lack of information, stigmatization and overriding poverty.

GAPA’s main activities include:

• Workshops and training for grandmothers
• Income generation activities (gardening and making of crafts)
• Support groups
• Monthly Indabas/meetings
• Advocacy and community involvement
• Aftercare service for vulnerable children

TIAS ARMS helps to fund the gardening project. Our money has purchased seeds, compost, all weather jackets and a water storage system. The dedicated gardeners continue to tell us what their upcoming needs will be. GAPA has been a role model in their community and is teaching others how to be successful with this sustainable skill.