Gail Black serves as the Director of Nursing and Clinical Coordinator for CHILA, Inc, a
non-profit, grassroots medical clinic located in Chisec, Guatemala which provides healthcare to
the indigenous Mayan Q’eqchi while respecting their traditional and cultural healthcare
practices. After retiring from a career in emergency, trauma and surgical nursing in 2014, Gail
found her true purpose as a nurse while on a medical mission in Guatemala. She saw her
connection to the Q’eqchi people as a global responsibility to those populations in the world who
need advocacy and a helping hand. TIAS ARMS’ mission of serving and advocating for the
children in South Africa who have been suffering in the cycle of generational poverty and have
been directly impacted by the HIV crisis resonates loudly with Gail and she was honored to be
asked to serve as a Board member with this amazing group of women. She loves that while
these two organizations are located on the opposite sides of the world, they both serve resilient
people who are worthy of the help and respect that each of these organizations provide.