The Mothers 2 Mothers program helps to train, employ, and empower Mentor Mothers, who are mothers living with HIV, to work alongside doctors and nurses in understaffed health centres as members of the healthcare team. In one-on-one and group sessions, Mentor Mothers provide essential health education and psychosocial support to other HIV-positive mothers on how they can protect their babies from HIV infection, and keep themselves and their families healthy. Mentor Mothers’ ties to the community and firsthand knowledge of HIV makes them highly effective peer mentors.

TIAS ARMS has funded the hot meal program for these meetings. Pregnant women come from all over the community, sometimes traveling great distances. By preparing a meal with the mentor mother, it helps foster a trust that is essential in taking that first step in being tested. From there the process begins. The Mothers 2 Mothers program has been so successful in eliminating the transmission of HIV from mother to baby, the program has become the model all across Africa.


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